Why can’t we use digital signals as carriers for wireless communication? But can use in the future?


Digital signal Communication.

 You cannot use digital signals in communication because you only use signals to indicate something. Their signals are shown above the daigram in technical and any other field.

By using the signal on the diagram, the diagram information is fully understood. The signals let you know the things in the daigram in short. So the importance of the signal is very big.

Digital signals and communication technology seem to be closely related. Digital signals are now being used to communicate, and new technologies are emerging.


Communication technology allows people’s thoughts to be exchanged in a matter of seconds. It is this exchange that makes people’s work happen faster. Their problems are soon salvaged. Communication technology has been around for a long time. But over time, that is likely to change. So people were comfortable using it according to their needs.

 During the current period, DRDOs are using satellite processing technology in defense communications. Such a saintist Dr. Rao said in the national discussion area. The function was organized at Acharya Nagarjuna University.

Digital signals will revolutionize communication technology in the future. They have designed a new application for it, in which they have included new as well as different technologies. Includes technologies like R&D, DRDO.

They are used for rapid communication with each other for excellent communication for the military unit. The MSS SATCOM briefcase technology allows ground troops to communicate with each other by connecting to the transmitter satellite in their portal briefcase.
Digital signals are used for research in communication systems and good technology in commercial work, which is related to the processing of digital signals. Problems in many systems of DSP are presented by differentiating them from the algorithm and using the same technology all the components of the system are given notice.
Different types of coding, tarbo code, common block code and BCH code in digital signal communication system. Also pulse moduletion, integrated modulation and coding are presented.

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