What is the actual cost of manufacturing all mobile phone and accessories?

 Mobile and accessories manufacturing price.


 The cost of making mobile accessories depends on the brand and quality of the company. There are many companies in the global electronic market that make mobile phones. The price at which mobile companies sell their accessories in the market is the same as the cost incurred by the company in making mobile accessories. 

In this article we will provide information and guide people about the cost of making mobile accessories. It will answer the questions and doubts of the people.

How much money do low range mobile make?

In the global electronics market, mobile devices are more in demand than other electronic products. Mobile devices are widely used by the people. Mobile is known as small computer. The work of computers and laptops is now being done from mobile. Mobile devices are light in weight and the size is enough to fit in one hand of people.

Mobile is a very convenient device for people to use. All people between the ages of 15 – 50 use this mobile device. Due to the large number of mobile users, there are more mobile manufacturing companies in the global market. Some companies are old and some are new.

The price of a mobile depends on the brand and quality of the company. But when making any mobile, there is not much difference in the manufacturing prices of different companies. But when these same companies sell their products in the market, the difference in price can be found.

Companies like Oppo and Vivo cost around Rs.5000 / – to Rs.15000 / – to make mobiles. Also mi and realme have made a good presence in the mobile market, it costs from 2500 / – to 4000 / – to make a mobile of 5000 / – to 15000 / -. Samsung has been in the field of mobile manufacturing since time immemorial.
Samsung has a good position in the electronic market in the field of mobile or other electronic goods. It costs Samsung 3000 / – to 5000 / – to make a mobile of 5000 / – to 15000 / -. Samsung has more control over the quality of its products than any other company. Nokia and Motorola cost Rs 3500 / – to Rs 6000 / – to make mobiles in the range of 5000 / – to 15000 / -.

Apple is a well-known company compared to other companies. Even if the function in their mobiles and the functions in any other company’s mobiles are the same, the difference in their market prices can be doubled or tripled. Apple mobile is already branded in the eyes of the people. Big business man to big actors use Apple’s mobile.When Apple launches new products, they spend a lot of time researching on hardware and software, investing a lot of time and money, and those who use Apple products are called rich people, and people don’t think of money when buying Apple products, so to create Apple products. It costs more.
Apple’s 2000 / – to 50000 / – mobiles cost from 4000 / – to 15000 / – If you Apple people are taking more money then you can know the complete information ( https://www.etecscience.com/2021/12/does-apple-store-give-discount-on.html ) on this link.

How much does it cost a company to build a high rang mobile?

It costs companies a lot to build high range mobiles. Companies like Oppo, Vivo have to spend Rs. 15000 / – for mi and realme companies cost more than 5000 / – to make the next mobile. Samsung costs Rs 15000 / – to make the next mobile from Rs 6000 / -.

Nokia and Motorola cost Rs 15000 / – to make mobiles from Rs 6000 / – onwards. It costs from 50,000 to 25,000 to build an iPhone in the mobile of a reputed company called Apple. Companies do not have to spend a lot to make electronic products but they are priced according to their brand, marketing chain and taxes.

How much money do mobile accessories make?

As the use of this tool increased, so did the accessories that came with it and the accessories that was used to connect to the market mobile. So there are many different types of mobile related products available in the market.

Mobile accessories include headphones, chargers, etc. along with mobiles. Also new headphones like Bluetooth, aripods, earbuds. It costs the company 5 / – to 100 / – to make headphones, airpods and earbuds in the range of 50 / – to 2000 / -. Charger has 1.5 Amp, 2.5 Amp, Dual Adapter, Single Adapter, Triple Adapter. It costs Rs. 20 / – to Rs. 100 / – to make a charge.

It costs Rs. 4 / – to 10 / – to make other data cable of mobile. It costs 5 / – to 12 / – to make a pendrive. It costs from Rs. 3 / – to Rs. 14 / – to make a mobile cover. Bluetooth spekar costs from Rs. 50 / – to Rs. 100 / -.

How to make low cost mobile accessories in China?

China is home to a wide range of electronic products, from small to large. China is a very advanced country in the field of electronics compared to other countries. Electronics products are exported from China to other countries. Companies manufacturing electronic products from other countries procure and assemble raw materials from China.

China has the largest population of any country. The people there are short of employment. Therefore, there is no shortage of workers for the companies, just as there are no rules for workers in the companies, so the companies there get more work from the workers for less pay. Companies are also exempt from tax on their products.There are no restrictions on copying any products in China so they do not have to spend money and time in re-Scearch. These are the reasons why mobile and its accessories are manufactured in China at low cost.


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