Which Top 10 Space Mission Are Undertaken ?

 What are some space mission which are complete in past and undertaken in future?

Space Shuttle



The space mission was first taken in the world. Some of these missions were successfully completed, while some missions were incomplete. The space missions that were completed in this were successful due to the research and experience. Space missions are carried out to keep abreast of current developments in space as well as the latest developments. In the same way space missions are carried out to handle your technology by satellite. In this article we are going to learn about space mission.

Past missions.

Space agency has done a lot of space missions in which they have done lunar mission, mars mission to get information on other planets. In it, they have already learned about things in the entire space and in our galaxy with the help of satellites and the tools used during different researchThey have also created some satellites using the latest technology in their new space mission. These satellites will quickly inform the space agency about some of the things in space that are far away from the earth. As a result, space agency research are faster than previous research.
In this space agency and telescope of latest and advance technology have been created to monitor the events in long distance space. In this Telescope space, they send images of saints to their saints. This is how the saints do the search. In it, they had just launched the Hubble Telescope into space during a space mission. Its power is 100 times greater than the previous telescope. Also, some companies’ satellites are in space. These satellites perform fast proxies on the company’s technical filed and online date transfer system. This satellite mission has accelerated the work of many companies and made good progress in their work.




The details of the first moon planet in the space mission were taken in great detail. The Moon is the closest planet to Earth. So astronauts were sent to the moon to find out the datail environment on the moon during some space agencies and lunar missions. In this, Nasa made a bet to send astronauts to the moon for the first time. Nil Armstronge astronauts from Nasa took the first step on the moon. He took the soil sample with him. They also hoisted the American flag there.


Astronauts from NASA learned about the changes taking place in his body and also noticed the changes taking place there and on the earth. On their way back, they boarded the spaceship and flew back towards the earth. This is the first time that Nasa has sent a man to the moon for the first time in a lunar space mission. About 6 countries have so far sent astronauts to the moon for research. The lunar astronauts were sent by the Soviet Union. The space agency in Europe also sent astronauts to the moon.
Japan had sent astronauts to the moon in a space mission in which all the countries hoisted the flags of their countries on the moon as a sign and also researched it in different ways. The chain then set foot on the moon, exploring the moon for a long time. Europe then sent Hu to his astronauts moon. After this India also carried out its moon related mission successfully, in which they did a lot of research on the moon, similarly India made the rover required for this mission at a much healthier rate as compared to other countries, and also its spaceshuttel lunching facility is its own. So India was able to reach the moon at low cost.


After this, in space mission, government space agencies from some countries came together and created an international space station. We carried out a space mission to create this space station because this space station is like a football field. Since it is difficult to carry in such a large satellites space. This space agency took its parts in a small space and made it complete in space. This project was under Nasa space agency. And it includes 4 other countries. The Nasa space agency had to invest the most money to build this space station. NASA also has to invest the most in sustainable international spending. International spacestion cannot be operated from Earth. It has enough space for 6 people to have comfortable living needs. So this space station is controlled by astronauts staying in this spacestion. It is also used by astronauts during various space missions to store the fuel and essentials needed to travel in space. In this spacestion, astronauts from 5 countries are rotated. Also, these astronauts go to that place and control the other satellites in space and keep an eye on the day to day happenings in space.




The space mission to Mars has been done by a small number of countries. In this, NASA has successfully launched their rover in the space mission to Mars. With this, Nasa keeps abreast of the developments in the area. Also rescerach is started here. Nasa on Mars has brought soil samples from the place through their rover and by this the condition of the land and the atmosphere is known. Nasa learned about the atmosphere above Mars and the changes in Mars that have taken place in the past, from some of the remains found there.


After Nasa, India tried to launch a rover on Mars. India had just launched a rover into the atmosphere of Mars in an attempt. But this rover was damaged while landing on the surface of Mars. This made India’s Mars mission unsuccessful. India is trying to successfully complete this mission once again. About 4 rovers on Mars have so far been confirmed by the Nasa space agency in the Mars mission. All four rovers have successfully landed on Mars.
The first mission on Mars is the Mars Pathfinder. The mission was launched in December 1996 for lunch. This mission was to bring a new discovery to the world, because for the first time a rover was launched from the earth to another planet for the search. But due to some malfunction Nasa and this rover lost contact. In the second Mars mission, Nasa launched Spirit and Opportunity on two rover Mars in July 2003. The two rovers successfully landed on Mars in January 2004. The details of these two rovers and Mars convinced NASA.



The two rovers from the Mars mission reported the current events to Nasa. The spirit rover in it got damaged due to dust on Mars and lost contact with Nasa. After this, the opportunity rover Nehi broke contact with Nasa in February 2019 in a terrible storm that came over Mars. NASA has released a curiosity rover Mars using the latest and advanced technology in its 2012 Mars mission. It’s like having a mobile laboratory in a rover. This rover is currently working to deliver all the information on Mars to Nasa in great detail. But the rover is expected to shut down in a few days.


Back in the Mars space mission, Nasa built the perseverance rover using advanced technology. In this mission, Nasa has created a drone called Ingenuity. The mission was to fly from Florida to Mars. The mission reached Mars on 18 February 2021. Is it possible to stay stable on Mars by drowning 5 times in this mission? Also can this drown successfully landing and take-off on Mars? Learned this. Also, samples of soil and soil from different parts of the area will be collected, filled in the capsule and returned to Earth during the Mars mission. This will allow you to share detailed information on Mars.


Future space missions.

In the future, space missions will be carried out using the latest technology, so that the space agency will know a lot of new information in the future. Also, in these missions in space, new things will have to be discovered. Many space missions will be carried out in the future to bring about new changes in international spacestion. Also chain and india are creating their own spacestion. This will also speed up and increase the speed of space research of their space agency. These countries will soon start space missions in spacestion. India will have a full lunch in their spacestion space by 2030.
In the future, Elon Musk, through the space agency SpaceX, aims to build a population on Mars by 2030. He is currently working hard on this mission. For this, they have created a reusable rocket Falcon 9. They are using it in different space missions in the future and now. This technology allows space agencies to carry out new space missions at very low cost. Elon Musk has so far used these rockets to launch satellites of his company and other companies into space missions. Elon Musk will be launching a new space mission in the future to explore Mars.
In the future, Orian Spane will build a hotel in the American space agency space. Until now, only astronauts were going into space. But in future, ordinary people will be able to go to this hotel by paying money in space. In this, people will be able to enjoy the view from space. SpaceX and two Privet companies have launched tourist services in space. At a cost of Rs 15-20 crore, these companies will travel in space mission through space mission. In the future, the space mission will launch Elon Musk Starlink’s 30,0000 satellite space and bring Internet access to the corners of the globe. Nasa will send humans back to the moon in 2024. Also, a mini spacestion will be created in the orbit of the moon, so that it will be possible to work on the moon. Also, the facility to fly from the moon to Mars will be provided by Nasa.



Isro, India is working on space agency Gaganyaan space mission. In this, Isro is going to send astronauts into space, for which they are preparing a spaceshuttel. From now on, Isro will be working on the Chandrayaan 3 space mission in the future, as well as the Mars 2 mission. In this they will launch orbit, rover and lander on Mars. In the future, SpaceX will create a tourist place on the moon with the help of space mission. In this, the company is going to take people for a ride on its rocket. Also space agencies will start to go up to other planets in space.




In this article, we will look at the space missions that will be carried out by the world’s space agencies so far, as well as which missions failed and which missions were successfully completed. Also, in this article, we have learned about the future space missions to be carried out by space agencies. He also learned the reasons for which this mission was carried out and also the reasons for which the next mission will be carried out.
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