Unique things related to the earth.

 Unique things related to the earth.



There are many planets and stars in the solar system. But living life is only on earth. Living things are only available on earth. Earth’s climate is conducive to human survival. Just like unique things are found on earth and unique things happen in this place. In the same way, strange things happen on other planets in the solar system. But since we live on earth, we can know the unique events that are happening on the earth, but we cannot know the events on other planets right away.


The shape of the earth is said to be oval, that is, round, the earth is completely filled from within. Earth also has its own gravitational pull due to volcanoes. If we drill a hole inside the Earth’s surface from one side to the other, it can take 42 minutes 16 seconds to reach from one side to the other. Also when you reach the other side you will reach that place in another country, sea or any other surfaceOur earth revolves around itself as well as the sun. If our earth stops revolving around itself, we will be able to fly eastward at a speed of 465 m / s.
Earth is a planet in the Solar System, where water is found in three states, Gas, Liquid and Soiled. This has made life easier in our place. Because water is a very important element in the survival of living things. Because it allows you to prepare food and quenches your thirst with water. This makes you need more water to survive. All the continents of our earth were connected to each other 6.5 thousand years ago. Eventually, due to natural disasters, these continents became isolated, and with the advent of human life, these continents became different.


In space, there are many fragments separated from the planets. According to Saintest people, at least one of these pieces falls on the earth every day. Since this piece is small, it dissolves in the Earth’s atmosphere as it falls to Earth. If this piece hits the earth’s surface, it could endanger the earth’s biodiversity and degrade the environment. HOBA Meteorite is the largest meteorite ever to fall on Earth. Also in Russia, a meteorite erupted at a distance of 30 meters during this reversal period. It damaged 6 cities in Russia.
Natural disasters strike the earth. In this rainy season, natural calamities are more frequent due to electricity. Earth’s electricity falls 100 times per second and 80 million times per day. But we find very few of these lightning strikes. The deepest hole in the earth’s surface was dug in Russia, with a depth of about 12 KM. If we look at a telescope with a light Years mirror 10 years from Earth, then we can see 20 years back in terms of science. Apart from helium and hydrogen, other things on Earth are made up of star dust. 
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