Solar system amazing fact.

 Solar system amazing fact.


There are many galaxies in space. They are different and even distant from each other. It takes about 10 years for a galaxy to form in space. Galaxy means that different types of planets orbit each other in space. Some of these planets revolve around themselves. As a result, different changes appear on their surface over time. Surface changes cause different changes in the environment. There are numerous galaxies in space. This galaxy contains many planets. There is no end to space.
The galaxy in which our planet Earth revolves is called the solar system. The solar system consists of many planets. In this, different types are found in the atmosphere and surface of these planets. There is a change in their environment, there is a change in their surfaces, there is a change in what is found there. Different things are available on different planets. The Sun is one of the largest stars in the solar system. The sun has such a power of its own that it supplies energy to other planets. All the planets in the solar system revolve around the sun.
We live in a planetary state, so we think that all the planets revolve around the earth, but the scientist Nicholas Coperniks said that in 1543, all the planets revolve around the sun. Venus is the longest planetary day in the solar system, one day of Venus is 243 days compared to 1 day of Earth. So there is no living environment for these planetary people. The sun’s rays reach the earth in 8 minutes 21 seconds. Moonlight reaches Earth in 1.26 seconds. This implies that the moon is closer to the earth, while the sun is farther from the earth.


Unique phenomena occur on the planets naptune and uranus in the solar system. In this, diamond rain falls instead of this planetary rain. Saturn has a lower density than water, so it can float on water. Similarly, Mercury and Venus have no satellites. Mars has the most lava flows available. The planet with the highest temperature in the solar system is Venus, with an atmospheric temperature of 475. Also the coldest planet in the solar system is Uranus, with an atmosphere of -245. Also, the Earth is a planet where the planetary water is available in all the states of Solid, Liquid and Gas. 
Earth is one of the planets in the solar system that is home to this inhabited population. The atmosphere in the solar system is not conducive to living for people other than Earth. Because the people on these planets do not have the things they need to live. There are a total of 10 planets in the solar system. The planets do not have any such power of their own. Power is transmitted to the planets by the stars in the solar system.
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