How much money did different space agencies spend on space missions?

 How did the space agency invest money in space missions through their countries, and how did they invest and spend money on different space missions?



Some countries in the world have government space agencies. These space agencies are making new space missions using their technology. This is why these companies and that country have a name in the world space sector and their deeds are known all over the world. They have to make new equipment to carry out new space missions. These devices cost millions of dollars. This money is invested by the companies of the country. In this article we will learn about how much money is spent for space mission and from which sector the money is invested.


How much money is spent on space missions ?


Space missions are carried out by various space agencies. In this, they have to put a research team on that space mission. In this they have to research for many years, because space has to be estimated from satellite. In the same way, they have to estimate everything, the atmosphere and the distance from the earth to the place where they want to complete the mission. This costs the space agency a lot of money. In this they have to spend money on equipment and satellites designed for rescearch. At the same time, you have to spend money on such equipment and things like spaceshuttel or rocket fule to launch in satellite space.
The space agency spends a lot of money to maintain and monitor the satellites. The Nasa space agency in the USA had taken the largest space agency from 5 countries and launched the largest satellite called Intenational Spacestion into space. He also successfully completed the space misson. The five countries spent a lot of money together. Due to the large size of this satellite, its fragments were completed by carrying spacecraft through different space missions. At the same time, a lot of space missions had to be carried out to build this satellite, which cost a lot of money to build this satellite.




The initiative to create international spacestion was taken by NASA, so the NASA space agency has invested the most money in that space mission. Is sent to. In Spacestione there are astronuts for accommodation, as well as their other daily necessities. The countries that have astronauts in space stion, all their expenses are borne by the space agency. Also the maintenance cost of this space stion is borne by Nasa space agency.



Investment on lunar missions.

Some other countries have successfully completed lunar mission in space mission. Earlier in the mission, satellites were released into space to explore the moon. They had to invest money in it. He also had to work his team for that. The first astronauts to fly to the moon were NASA, which had to spend a lot of money for the first time because they had already done all the technology and research.
The space agency that convinced the astronauts after Nasa on the moon. They began to cost less, as some countries re-studied the successful and researched NASA and so on their astronauts moon mission. In this mission, different countries researched different information. The mission was completed by Isro space agency at the lowest cost. When the Moon first ascends, the animals are tragedy and released into space for the first time by a rocket. After that, according to the changes that have taken place in their body when they come down, the astronauts are given training on how to move in space and how to stay in the atmosphere on the moon.



This space agency costs a lot of money in space traing. After that, the money is spent on going to the moon and on the astronauts. It also costs a lot of money on the space shuttle and the fule in them. In addition, the money is spent on the spaceship that was created while returning from the moon, as well as for the fuel in it. It also costs a lot of money on the system used in it. Some space agencies tried to spend money on the moon, but it was unsuccessful, which cost them a lot of money.



Investment On Mars mission.

In space missions, many space agencies are currently conducting research on Mars. The space agency Nasa has been researching the planet Mars for a long time. Most of the money in this mission is being spent by space agency, because Mars planet is very far away from Earth. It costs the most money to research on this planet. Nasa has so far released five rovers on this planet for total research. The amount of dust on Mars is high.
Due to the high amount of dust on Mars planet, rovers do not stay in it for long. The wind blows from place to place like dust. If this dust gets into the components of the rover, its components get damaged, so the rover shuts down. NASA’s 3 roves are almost closed. To repair this rover you have to go to Mars, this is not possible at the moment, and you have to invest a lot of money and time in this.


This money was invested to build a rover designed to convince Mars, and it was always persuaded by Spaceshuttel to convince Mars to invest a large amount of money. Also, the cost of machinery and equipment used to control this rover is increasing day by day. By 2030, SpaceX will have a population of about 1 million on Mars. Research is underway by SpaceX on how to reach people on Mars, as well as how to accommodate people on the planet.
Elon Musk and the SpaceX team are working to ensure that spaceX allows people to enjoy space missions at a lower cost in the future, as well as that people will have to spend less to get to Mars. This will be of great benefit to the people, as well as their enjoyment of being on Mars. SpaceX has developed reuseable rockets for this purpose. We will use them in many space missions. In the same way, using this rocket only covers the cost of fuel, so people will have to pay only for fuel while traveling in it, which will save a lot of money for people and space companies.
The ISRO space agency also carried out a Mars mission. Isro dropped his rover on Mars in the first attempt, but his rover was damaged while landing. As a result, their invested money went west. They have cost less in this mission than Nasa. Also, Isro is researching how to successfully complete the Mars mission. In this they will use more advanced technology. SpaceX is currently doing a good research on Mars mission.




In the space sector in the current era, many space agencies are using reusable rockets in space missions, in which many space agencies are using technology to create reusable rockets, in which ISRO has completed 110 space missions using one reuseble rocket. SpaceX also uses reusable rockets to launch Starelink and other companies’ satellites into space, thus reducing the cost to the space agency to build the rocket, and the companies are benefiting from this.




In this article, we have learned about the space agency and how much money it has invested in different space missions, as well as how the space agency has benefited financially by using advance technology. Similarly, the space agency has learned how to use the latest technology to benefit financially in the future. Also, some space agency money has been spent on space mission, this is the information we got from this. In this article we have learned the important purpose of this information, why it costs more in space mission and how it can be reduced in future.
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