Global stock market network

 Global advantages and disadvantages of the stock market network.


Global stock market network
Global stock market network


In today’s world a lot of young people are investing in the stock market. But this same young man has led a lot of people towards loss with the intention of showing him the Amish of some outside agents money and taking money from him and making a good profit through call. This has caused a lot of financial and mental damage to many people, but who is not responsible for this. Whose fault is it? People who know who the person is, how he is, how much he knows from the share market. Those who invest without looking at these properties are wrong, that people who cheat other people and withdraw money are wrong. What do you think about it?
In the past, many brokers were working in this. This is because in the past, arbitrariness was rampant in the stock market. People didn’t know about it. So in the past people were investing money in the stock market according to the broker. In the previous era, there were many scams in the stock marketSome of these scams have been uncovered, while some have yet to be uncovered. People and other people have to suffer mentally because of this scam. It also collapses as the global economy changes. The blow falls on the government and the people.
In 1992, there was a huge scam in the share market. The scam was worth around Rs 40,000 crore. Harshad Mehta was the Badsha in the market at that time, because at that time the market was running like him for some time. It had made a good profit out of the stock market at that time, So he had a lot of fans and followers at that time and he was also well supported by many people. His name survived on the market even after the scams were exposed. Many big businessmen and leaders were involved in this scam. So it took a long time to open this scam.
stock market network in scam
stock market network in scam


the 1992 scandal broke, stock market had plummeted and investors. stock market had been hit hard. Ali then proceeded to harshd mehta. This is how many big and small scams happen in the stock market. The big bulls in the stock market are the ones who are causing these scams. Big Bulls are those who invest a lot of money in the stock market. In the stock market, these Big Bulls suddenly invest heavily in stocks, so that the stock in which they have invested suddenly increases. Similarly, some other small and big investors also invest in this stock after seeing the growth.


In the stock market, when the stock price rises in a bullish direction due to the investor, the Big Bulls take out a large amount of their holdings and sell the stock, causing the stock price to fall sharply once again and the market direction becomes bearish. The impact of all this is huge on small and big investors and these people suffer huge losses. So people should anticipate all of these things when investing or getting into new ones. If people and investors ignore these things, they will incur huge losses.
In the present era, the number of people investing money in the stock market has increased tremendously. It is also an advantage to the people. Because right now the stock market is growing everywhere. Apple started the online stock market in an earlier era by providing software and application in its smartphone called iphone. This led to the launch of the online stock market in the USA. The stock market Knowledge was great for kids from adults in the USA and some foreign countries.
Global stock market network
Global stock market network


People who have been using the iPhone for a long time. They may have better knowledge in stock market.  iPhone widely used in USA because product better quality and service. It used young children, many people have been investing in the stock market. This online market started from the foren. It uses the japanese candlestick chart. We will learn more about this in the following articles. We will also learn how to book maximum profits using it, so don’t think about it right now. Because it is very important for you to get basic knowledge in share market first.


At present different brokers have created online platforms related to different stock markets. Using it, people can buy or sell shares of companies. This has made it much easier for people to carear or invest in the stock market. But if you are using this online platform or are going to use it in the future, you should take full information about it and find it convenient or use the platform which will make it easier for you to use and it will be easier for you to use it. It is important to know the information.
There are a lot of feck applications in the stock market right now. The ones who make money from people, as well as the agents of that application on some social media. They get people from 10k – 15k Trading a day by working with us and sending such messages or publishing advertisements on social media. This ensnares people in the trap of such agents. These agents ask people on different platforms to open their account and deposit a large amount on it. If they do not deposit this amount, they refuse to give them further information, so some people deposit the total amount of these agents.
Global stock market network
Global stock market network

In fake platforms, when people deposit the total money of some fraud agents, the money does not appear in the wallet of some people, and also when some people book profit from it, their money is not withdrawn. And people lose, so they waste time and money in it. It causes a lot of mental anguish to people and no one pays attention to it. So instead of spending your time and money in the net of such fraud people as well as investing others in the total stock market and making a loss, you should spend the same time and money yourself to get more knowledge from the stock market.
stock market considered some to a gamble. Because a lot of people make a loss in this, while very few people book a good profit in it. There are many types of investments in the share market. one can invest money for long term. some invest money for 1-2 weeks or months this is called swing trading. invest money every day This is called Intraday. learn types of trading in detail in the next few articles. the first foundation of the stock market and it needs to be well known.
Long term and swing trading is a type of stock market where the risk is low and the profit is very low, but it is possible for people to lose and this loss to be less, so when new people set foot in the share market, they invest. The method should start. In Intraday, profit is booked every day by paying daily. But it loses a lot of people and makes a small profit. In this investing method, the amount of people can increase 2,3,4 .., 10 times or all their amount can be zero. Out of 100%, 75% -80% people book profit and 25% -20% people go into loss. So people think it’s gambling. But this is not a gamble, even with this you can book profit every day with daily practice and knowledge. But for that you need to know and practice this on a daily basis. We are going to share the good information of share market with you in the future and provide free of cost information through this website about how you can book good profits using your own skills. 
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