Top 5 double candlestick patterns use book daily profit.

In today’s article we are going to learn about Top 5 double candlestick patterns use book daily profit. Candlestick patterns are a Japanese technology, in which trading and share market charts are fully working on Japanese technology in the current period. The names of these candlesticks are different when we hear them, because their names are in Japanese language. We can earn money from both sides in trading. If the market is in an up trend. Then we take position in market by C. E. When the price of the market goes up. We can exit the market by selling the stock and book a good profit. On the other hand, when the market is in a down trend. We can take a position in the market by taking P.E.

Types Of top 5 Double candlesticks pattern.

There are candlestick patterns, which are very useful for you in trading. We will learn about this below. You need to know this information well.

1) Bullish kicker/ Bearish Kicker Double candlestick pattern.

  • We have learned in the previous article. When the market starts down trend. That time there is a green candlestick and market trend reverses and becomes an up trend. It is bullish candlestick pattern. Similarly, when the market is in an up trend. When the red candlestick is in a down trend. It is  bearish candlestick.
  • In this first double candlestick type, there are two types of bullish kicker and bearish kicker.
  • In this, what is the kicker? You must have asked this question. People doing karate lift leg in air.

bullish and bearish kicker

kicker Bullish candlestick pattern.

  • In this pattern, the first candle is red. In this, it first opens from the price and closes below the lower of the candle. This candle Marubuzo type.
  • The candle that is lit start green candle. The price of candle is open from lower and close is higher of  candle.
  • In this, when the red candle starts at 100 rupees in the open high. At that time, the candle comes down and its lower closes at 80 rupees. After this, The second green candle is opened in the direct market. The low of the candle from 110 rupees. After this it increases and closes at 130.\
  • In this, it is understood that the sellers worked very hard to bring down the price. The opening price went up to 80 rupees. This is a game of volume. Due to the increase in volume. The price suddenly jumped and this second green candle has opened the high of the first candle. This is called a bullish kicker.
  • while you are taking a position, when a bullish candle is placed in an up trend. Then bullish candle appears. Entry should be made the high of bullish candle. The stop loss should be placed lower of the first red candle.

bullish kicker in cart

Bearish Kicker candlestick pattern.

  • In bearish kicker the same process of bullish kicker is reverse. In bearish kicker the first candle is of green coloure. In this, the price of the candle of green color opens from the lower of that candle.
  • You can understand that byers worked. The price opened at 90, it took it to 120 closed at the higher of the green candle. The second red candle opens below low of first green candle. Buyers try to take the price down. This shows a gap down opening.
  • bring down the opening price and kept it up to Rs 70. In this candlestick pattern you can find both candles in Marubozu type. Even if it has a shadow, it is very small. If these candles start marubozu, then they are very strong candles.
  • bearish kicker, when a green candle starts. Then another red candle starts. Entry should be taken at the low of that candle. The same stop loss should be placed at

2) Bullish Engulfing/ Bearish Engulfing Double candlestick patterns.

Engulfing candlestick pattern
  • category you may have come across unique word engulfine. In engulfine is a Japanese word that translates to swallow in Marathi. Once a big fish swallows a small fish in the ocean.

Bullish Engulfing candlestick patterns.

  • There are two candles in this candlestick. The first red candle is smaller than the second green candle. This is the first candle that can be up and down.
  • In this, the first red candle is above the high of the second green candle and below the low of the same candle and does not work. In this, the first candle must be between the high and low of the second candle, otherwise it cannot be called Engulfine.
  • In bullish engulfing, the red candle is shorter than the green candle. In this pattern, down trend is forme on the lower side of the chart. After this, whenever this pattern appears, the trend of the market can change and it can be convert into an up trend.
  • When this pattern appears in the chart market, when another green candle appears after the green candle, the high of that candle should be entered in the market and the stop loss should be placed at the low of the first green candle.
bullish and bearish engulfine
bullish and bearish engulfine candlestick pattern

Bearish Engulfine candlestick patterns.

  • the first candle is green small and the second candle red is large, pattern is found in the up trend above the chart in the market.
  • When the market is in an up trend and this pattern occurs, the market changes and converts into a down trend.
  • A red candle occurs market go into down trend and when red candle occurs again in market, the lower of that candle should be enter in market and a stop loss should be place at high of first red candle.

3) Bullish Harami / Bearish Harami Double candlestick patterns.

bullish and bearish harami
bullish and bearish harami candlestick pattern
  • Harami is an Indian word in this candlestick pattern, we call it Swear, but it is not an Indian word but a Japanese word. Pregnant lady is known harami.

Harami Bullish candlestick patterns.

  • Bullish Harami candlestick pattern red candle is big, this candle also called lady. At the same time, the second candle is a green and small candle. this candle enters the market after green and this candle called baby.
  • Bullish Harami candlestick pattern starts when the market is in a down trend and then the market changes to an up trend. At time, when the green candle is again, if candle is above the high of first red candle, then the market should be enter at high of the green candle and low of red candle should be place stop loss.
bullish harami pattern in market chart
bullish harami pattern in market chart.

Bearish Harami candlestick patterns.

  • In Bearish Harami, the green candle starts first and it is big, then the red candle starts in the market. The red candle is smaller than the green one, this is the same bullish pattern but instead of the red candle there is a green candle and instead of the green one there is a red candle.
  • Bearish Harami candlestick occurs, market is in an up trend and this pattern occurs, flow of the market is convert from up trend to a direct down trend.
  • At this point market, lower of red candle go down from lower of the first green candle after red candle, then the lower should be enter in market and the stop loss should be place at the high of green candle.
bearish harami in market chart
bearish harami in market chart.

4) Piercing line / Dark cloud cover Double candlestick patterns.

Piercing line / Dark cloud cover.
Piercing line candlestick pattern / Dark cloud cover.
  • In this candlestick pattern, will see line between one candlestick and second candle is closed by more than 50% point of that line and the first candle.

Piercing  line candlestick patterns.

  • In the candlestick pattern, there is a line right in the middle of the red candlestick and the other which is the green candle, it opened in the gap down while opening and was above the line in the red candle while closing.
  •  if the market is a down trend, green candle gap opens in down trend and then closes, and buyer strong, then  green candle starts, market trend changes, and converted into up trend.
  • If the market becomes bullish after the piercing line pattern. green candle tow times continue. high entered in the market. Stop loss placed at low of previous green candle.
Piercing line market chart
Piercing line market chart

Dark cloud cover candlestick patterns.

  • Dark cloud cover candlestick pattern occurs when the market is in an up trend. When this pattern occurs. There is a possibility that the market will reverse. The trend of the market will change and it will convert into a down trend.
  •  the first candle is green, then the red candle opens. The market price by gapping up at a value higher than 50% of price of green candle.
  • After this pattern occurs in the market. When another red candle appears after the first red candle. We take entry low of red candle and set stop loss high of the first candle.
Dark cloud cover
Dark cloud cover.

5) Twezzer Bottom / Top Double candlestick patterns.

Twezzer Bottom / Twezzer
Twezzer Bottom / Twezzer Top candlestick pattern
  • twezzer is name chimta in india. It has two types: Twezzer Bottom is bullish and Twezzer Top is bearish.

Bottom Twezzer.

  • Twezzer Bottom candlestick pattern, the low of both the candles is the same. But its high can be same or different. This pattern is likely to occur in the market when the market is in a down trend.
  • A green candle is go by a red candle. After this, considering our technical analysis, if the trend shows the possibility of becoming a sub-trend. Then if there is another green candle after the first green candle. Then we should enter the market at the high of that candle. Set a stop loss at the low of the first red and green candle.
Twezzer Bottom market chart
Twezzer Bottom market chart

Top Twezzer candlestick patterns.

  • Twezzer Top pattern the high of both candles is the same.  The low of this candle can be the same or either up or down. This pattern gives an indication of converting the market into a down trend.
  • In this pattern green candle is first followed by red candle. The first red candle is go through the second red candle. I used to enter the market at its low and then set the stop loss of the stock. At the top of the green and red candle.
Twezzer Top chart
Twezzer Top chart

Today we learned about double candlestick patterns from this article. In this we learned about the Top 5 double candlestick patterns . if you study these patterns properly and use a little technical analysis. we can book a good daily profit from trading. We learned about single candlestick pattern in the previous candlestick pattern series and learned about double candlestick patterns in today’s series, similarly in the next series we will learn about three candlesticks patterns. These three patterns are very important for us to book profit in trading.

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