Discuss space exploration do you think it is fun or dangerous.

 Discuss space exploration do you think it is fun or dangerous.



There are many space agencies in the world to do research in space. It is funny to do research in this space that you may know dangerous from some other source but in this article we will learn more about these things. Space is a part of us and that is what we are dealing with. From your point of view, what do you think we do in space? Let us know in the comments. Research on space has been going on for many years. With this, a lot of things in space have been predicted and information has become space agency.
Satellites are created in space agency using new and different technologies. Satellite are used for a variety of purposes. Some of these satellites and devices are used to know space related information and to know the events happening in space according to the period. Space agencies also do some space missions in space. So we know the details of distant planets or some events in space in the form of detail. Are there any problems while this mission is going on? Could there be some dangerous events in space during the mission? Also, while traveling in space, are there any funny movements happening in the life of Astronaut at that time?


Space dangerous movement.

Something happens in space that can be dangerous to life on Earth. The earth is rich in human and animal life. These can be endangered due to some dangerous movements in space. Their lives can be disrupted. The masses have to face different problems. Their lives were disrupted. This is all due to natural disasters. This cannot be prevented using human technology and no such solution has been found yet. When you look at the sky, you see the sky adorned with stars and decorative. But in this sky, terrible and unnecessary things are happening every day.


1. Asteroid and commet 


On January 9, 2017, we are engrossed in daily life and work. The asteroid was 30 meters in diameter, about the size of a 10 storey building. The asteroid was halfway between the Earth and the Moon. In 2013, an asteroid of the same size exploded near the Russian city of Beljium. Thousands of people were injured and the area was badly damaged. There are tens of millions of asteroids in and around the Earth. This can cause dangerous condition on earth at any time.
Some large asteroids with a diameter of 1 km orbit in space. These asteroids have the potential to completely destroy the Earth if it hits the Earth. Millions of years ago, a similar large asteroid hit the Earth. At that time all the earth was destroyed and the whole species of dainasor was destroyed. This incident was dangerous. NASA is working on a project to monitor this large asteroid. But it only keeps an eye on large asteroids. A small asteroid may not destroy much of the Earth, but it can destroy cities. This dangerous event can be very costly for people in the future.


2. Rouge Planet.

There are many planets in space. These planets revolve in their orbits. Since these planets revolve in their orbits, they do not collide with each other. But some planets orbit the solar system in space without following the rules. The number is equal to other planets. If such a planet hits the earth, it is likely to end. These planets are called international astronomy and brown dwar. These planets have formed themselves in space. And because they are self-created, they can move in any space. Also, these planets do not have any kind of light so they are not visible to anyone. WISE-0855-0714 is a Rouge planet in space. This planet is closest to Earth and its distance from Earth is 7 light years.
450 million years ago, the Earth hit a planet as big as Mars. The planet was orbiting in its own orbit, but due to the gravitational force of the two planets Bhaismati and Mercury, they came into Earth’s orbit and collided. This theory was proved in the Apollo mission. In this mission, the soil on the moon would have been brought for research. That soil was similar to the soil on earth.

3. Hypervelocity Stare.

The Hypervelocity Stare travels through space at 10 times the speed of other stars. Other stars in space are traveling at a speed of 100 KM per second. But this stare is traveling at a speed of 1000 KM per second. Due to its high speed, its tempreture is high and it can be a threat to the earth. Even if this star comes close to the earth, it can be dangerous to the earth. This can cause damage to some parts of the earth. And the lives of the people there can be disrupted.
Hypervelocity stars are formed in a unique way. When two different stars come together and revolve around each other, when they are pulled into a black hole, one of the stars is absorbed into the black hole and the other is thrown out of the black hole at high speed. Throwing this star at a higher speed increases its speed a lot. This is what creates the Hypervelocity Stare. But stare is not available near our earth because of its speed, it has gone out of the Stare Solar system.



4. Rouge blackhole.


A black hole is an astronomy in which anything that enters it cannot come out of it, including light. Each galaxy contains a huge black hole. This includes our galaxy. Once in the black hole, the object cannot come out again. Also the thing that goes into it is destroyed. The black hole has the highest gravitational force. Anything close to him is included in it. But in the current research, Ali is at risk. A huge black hole has been discovered through the Chandra Telescope. Its name XJ1417 + 52 is not a black hole in any galaxy. This is a rouge black hole.
This black hole has been observed near an axis and this black hole is 450 lighte years away from the earth. This black hole is formed when two galaxies collide with each other. These black holes are scary and dangerous because these black holes revolve around the galaxy and pull inward objects. If it is formed close to our earth, it can end our earth and life in a few seconds.


5. Collision of Galaxies.


In the Collision of Galaxies, galaxies in space collide with each other, creating terrible and dangerous events in space. In the above 4 cases you have seen, you will not face any danger in future. Because millions of years must pass before these events can happen. So you don’t have to worry about the above. Research into space on Earth has uncovered such a dangerous phenomenon. In this, 500 million years from today, our Milky Way galaxy will collide with another galaxy. This incident seems very dangerous and it seems that it is going to cause a lot of destruction.
If you and another galaxy collide in the Milky Way galaxy, it will not destroy any of the planets. But this will cause the sun’s rays on our earth to become very sharp and the temperature of its rays will increase by 30% – 40% and the earth’s atmosphere will become very hot. The water will evaporate from it and all life on earth will be destroyed. It will take many years for this dangerous event to happen. So at the moment we are not going to experience any kind of situation that is destroying the earth.

The Magnetare.
These are widely available in the Magnetare space. And its mangentic power is much higher than that of other planets. Satelliets released into space on December 27, 2004 captured a large explosion in space. The explosion was caused by a magnetare. If a Magnetare erupts near the Earth and the Moon, it will completely destroy the Earth’s ozone layer, and its power will reach the Earth, affecting all of the Earth’s electronic devices and endangering Earth’s life. So far, astronomers have discovered 12 magnets in space. At the moment, however, there is no possibility of any Magnetare near our Earth.

Dath Of Sun.

There are many things that will happen in the future that will destroy the earth, and this event that will happen in the future is the end of the sun. After 5 billion years, the hydrogen that balances the sun’s enegry and surface will disappear and the sun’s size will increase. This phenomenon will cause dangerous dimensions to appear on the planets Marcury, Venus and Earth as well. The only way to survive is to settle on another planet. As the sun sets, the earth will change from blue and green to red, and the earth’s temperature will rise dramatically. So life on earth will come to an end, again the same sun will be in a very small size. The sun that made it possible for us to live will destroy our life.






Different dangerous events take place in different angles in this large space. This includes Horrible Quasars. A Quasar is a type of supermassive black hole that is very powerful. But it does have the power to counteract a powerful black hole. These quasars create the power of a huge black hole and concentrate that power in light. It is not yet understood what creates the energy and lighte of this light, but if we get closer to it, all living things on earth will be consumed.


Supernova is formed from a star in space. When you look at the night sky from the earth, the stars look very decorative and attractive, but it has a dark side. When the star’s nuclear fuel runs out, its energy erupts in a huge explosion, which is called a supernova. This explosion causes the formation of new planets, as well as the extinction of the old ones. Also, if any star comes close to the earth and explodes, the earth can be destroyed. There are two such supernova stars in our galaxy. But it is not possible to say when these stars will burst in space.



Discuss space exploration dangerous.
A lot of dangerous movements happen while doing space research. This is because, as we have seen above, many dangerous things are found in space. Satellite is released into space to conduct research in space. Due to natural disasters, these satellite  are likely to enter Earth’s orbit and fall to Earth. If a satellite falls on a human settlement, the people of Thatta will have to face loss of life and property. Astronauts are released by space rockets and spaceships. At that time, many satellites are moving in space. When astronauts go into space, their spaceship is likely to be hit by any satellite. This can damage his life and cause problems for his spaceship.
Astronauts were sent to the moon to do research in space, but if they had a problem with the rocket in the sky while sending them into space, it could have exploded. Also, if they do not land properly while returning from space, their spaceship may catch fire. This could endanger their lives. This has happened to astronauts in space before and is likely to happen in the near future. Also, after going into space or going to another planet, you may be at risk of aliens on another planet. Because their technology and weapons are much more advanced than our technology.
Aliens are otherworldly creatures. And research has shown that alien life does exist. Scientists are looking for aliens, and aliens are looking for you. In this, our science has not yet discovered the habitat of the aliens, but the aliens have discovered the way to get there by exploring our earth. These aliens are likely to pose a threat to you in the future. We are not allowed to go to any place on our earth where there are aliens. Also, if you go to that place, your electronic items stop working.


Discuss space exploration funny movment.

While researching in space, astronauts experience various funny movements. They have captured some funny moments in international spacestation. In it, they have captured funny moments while eating. Since there is zero gravety in space, food and water float in the air. Along with this they play games. GYM type room has been created for them to exercise in spaceastion while doing research. In it, they float in the air and create art using organs. There are also jumps like Gymnastic. They are doing it like a circus. This allows them to enjoy space exploration, as well as capture funny movements.
Astronauts were sent to the moon in the Lunar mission in space. At that time, this astronaut was jumping in the soil on the moon at that place. In the same way, they were expressing their happiness by falling while jumping. They also took some soil and stone samples from there. They hoisted the American flag on the moon. In the same way, they clicked the images there. Enjoyed the moon and satelights on the moon. From that they were able to live new funny movements in life. In this way funny movements could be taken while doing research in space.




In this article we have learned about the dangerous phenomena that are happening in space. He also learned that researching space is dangerous or funny. Explain how funny movements in space are happening in our lives, as well as what could be dangerous for our earth in the future due to space. He also learned how the moments of astronust’s life with funny movements in space went. This suggests that space exploration is as dangerous as it is funny.

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