Details of space shuttle and spaceship.

 Details of space shuttle and spaceship.



Space shuttle and spaceship are two tools that keep humans connected to space. These tools are mobile tools. People use transportation tools to get from one place to another or to transport goods. These are the tools that keep people connected to different parts of the world. People have come up with different types of communication devices by estimating the time it takes to get to different places, the usage at work and the road. Different tools are used to travel the earth. But Space Shuttle and spaceship are the means of communication used to travel or transport goods in space.

Space Shuttle and spaceship have been used for many years to travel in space. As technology changed, so did the construction of space shuttle  and spaceship. Different types are also found in Space Shuttle . This type of space shuttle is made according to the work it is used for. Today we are going to learn about Space Shuttle and spaceship in this article. This includes the design of these as well as the cost of making them. We are going to learn all these things about its journey in space.

How space shuttle and spaceship are built.

Space Shuttle  and spaceship are built according to the weight and distance of the match being carried in space. Aluminum-lithium alloy is used to make space shuttle. In this, metal sheets are being made like the steps of a rocket. There are many problems when welding aluminum. Because this metal cannot be welded. Because of this they use frication welding for welding metalsAluminum is available metal at low cost, but it costs a lot to weld. Aluminum and lithium are mixed 50% while making space shuttle, but 90% aluminum is used, lithium is mixed with 4-5% and some other metals are mixed. This keeps the structure of the rocket stable.
Aluminum has very good temperature resistance. This does not endanger the engine or fuel used in the space shuttle. Titanium is also used in some rocket. This metal is as light as aluminum and as strong as steel. But this metal is more expensive than other metals, so it is used sparingly. This is followed by the use of stainless steel. This is because the material becomes stronger in cold temperatures. Oxygen or hydrogen does not harden and break down when inserted into an oxidaize Space shuttle.



Carbon fiber sheets are also used in Space Shuttle. This material is more expensive than aluminum. But welding aluminum costs more. Space shuttles are made using carbon fiber sheet at the same cost. It is not possible to build a strong rocket by using one good material instead of another good material because these materials are not magical. By exchanging these materials you will notice a difference of only 10-20% in performance but you will notice a big difference in cost.
SpaceX has created a reusable Space Shuttle at a one-time cost. Because they will be able to use them again and again. Because of this they have used carbon fiber sheet to make Space Shuttle. This allows them to move satelliets into space. Metals with stronger and higher temparetur resistance are used to build spaceships. Because the spaceship is used to travel in space, because the force of the atmosphere in space is high, the temprature is high, so we have to use stronger metal to build the spaceship.



Space Shuttle  and spaceship lunching.

There are about 72 space agencies in the world. Some of them are privet, some are of goverment. In this, some of them are technically supporting the government space agency or the private space agency of that country. Privet space agencies goverment space agency’s mission is divided and working as a teamwork. In this they are helping the government space agency to build a spaceship or a space shuttle. Privet space agencies participate in large missions of government companies in their country and send them to the government space agency in a short time by preparing the parts required for Space Shuttle or spaceship.
Space shuttle and spaceship are different companies using their technology to have lunch. Out of 72 space companies in the world, only 14 space companies have the capacity to space shuttle luch. This includes space shuttle lunches from other countries by the ISRO space agency in India, as ISRO has a suitable place to have Spaceshuttel and Spaceship lunch, as well as low cost luggage and transport facilities, making it the largest space agency in the world to have space shuttle lunch. Take the help of ISRO.



Space Shuttle  is built on the law of Newton science. Space Shuttle and Spaceship are created by measuring the distance between the object to be carried in space, the objects to be carried in it, the weight of the object and the place where it is to be carried, and the surface of the earth. There are three types of spaceshuttel. These include 1) liquid fule space shuttle, 2) solid fule space shuttle , 3) Hybrid propeller Space Shuttle.

1) Liquid fule space shuttle. 



Space Shuttle engines operate on Trust Fource. These engines do not require any moving parts to generate energy. Space Shuttle contains tanks of liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen. These gases come together and are burned in the combustion chamber by a power pump. This process is very fast. The gas obtained from this gives trust and is released into rocket space by that presher.

2) solid fule space shuttle.




In the solid fule Space shuttle, the fule used for bruning is stored in the solid state. This rocket uses Ammonium Prechl Orate Composite Propellant. This fule is stored in rocket along with oxidizer. There is a hole in the rocket, because of this hole, the fuel burns faster, which creates more trust in the rocket. So rocket speeds fly in space.

3) Hybrid Propellant Space Shuttle.




Hybrid Propellant space shuttle engines use both solid fule and liquid fule. In this the fule is stored in the direct combustion chamber. In this, the presher of the liquid fule is mixed with the fule in the combustion chamber and burns, and the rocket builds trust and it flies fast in space.
After the rocket’s contents are separated in the first step, it starts flying through the engine in the distant step, through which it takes flight. It was different when the fule was finished. This is how procces continue till the end. In Space Shuttle. the weight of the engine decreases as the steps become different. As a result, its speed gradually increases. Space Shuttle requires a lot of energy to release into space, so it requires a lot of fuel. Therefore, it gives more space for fuel store.
Separated parts in Space Shuttle are not reusebal. So they are used only once, which makes it more expensive to build a new Space Shuttle. Some space agencies have created reusable Space Shuttles. It is used in a lot of spacemission. ISRO spaceagency in India has successfully completed 110 times using a single reuseable rocket. As a result, the company has set a world record in the space sector. Also some other companies have made such rocket.



In this reusable Space Shuttle, only the tanks of this rocket are separated at regular intervals. In this, its space shattle lands on the surface of the earth from a certain distance. This allows the Space Shuttle to be reused. Therefore, it is used in many missions. Also worth the extra cost of building a permanent rocket due to this Space Shuttle. It also saves time. If you want to send something similar weighing about one kilogram into space, you have to pay 20000 $. This amount is huge and unaffordable to most people.


Elon Musk aims to build a settlement on Mars. In the same way, they are working to provide internet access and network to the corners of the earth through satelliet. As a result, he tried to create a reusable Space Shuttle, and he succeeded. According to him, if they have to pay 20000 for 1 kg of weight to go into space, then they will have to spend a lot of money for themselves. Because they have to pay according to their weight as well as their facilities, in which people have to pay a lot of money. In addition, companies have to spend a lot of money to launch their satellites into space. Because they need a new Space Shuttle to launch into every satellite space, but the Falcon 9 Space Shuttle, developed by Elon Musk, allows companies to launch a single rocket into a new mission at a cost of just a fule.


Elon Musk has released nearly 40 of his own Starelink company spacecraft via this Falcon 9 Space Shuttle at the expense of just fule. Also, Elon Musk will use this Space Shuttle and spaceship for the Mars mission. This will allow people to travel in space for less money as well as be used in more missions. Also at Pointe Nemo, due to earlier Space Shuttles, debris from parts separated from the very rocket is found in the sea The landing of these rockets is done at Pointe Nemo. This pointe is over an island of smoke more than 400 kilometer from human settlement. Similarly this pointe is surrounded by sea. This is where closed sateliets and closed rocket parts coming into Earth orbit are dropped. It does not cause any damage to other parts of the earth.
Elon Musk worked hard to create a reusable Space Shuttle. In this he tried a lot of Space Shuttle with lunch, he failed a lot in this and he also lost, but he did not give up and successfully built this Space Shuttle. This was to their advantage, as NASA then invested 1.6 billion in it. Also some other companies have invested in their SpaceX company. Space Shuttles are made by another company in China. This Space Shuttle will be of great benefit to the Space Agency in the future. As a result, many space agencies are testing Space Shuttle.




uses of Space Shuttle and Spaceship.

Space Shuttle is used in space relate works. Space Shuttle and spaceship are used for communication in space. Through this, satellites of various companies as well as space agency are released in space. It is used to place satellites in space. satellites is an online service provided to companies by its customers from space. These satellites keep customers connected to the companies of electronic devices or gadgets they use. This allows them to get the latest updates on those devices online. It will also be possible to provide internet and network to the people through satellite.
Internet and network satellite will reach the corners of the world. Therefore, it is going to be used well in technical matters and in tribal area to digitalize the space. This will bring a lot of benefits to the people. Astronauts are also sent to space by Spaceship via Space Shuttle. In it, humans were sent to the moon. Nile Armstrong had landed on the moon with his team when he saw it using a spaceship. This was made possible only by Space Shuttle. They also returned safely to Earth with the help of a spaceship and a rover.


Spaceship is useful for astronauts to travel in space. This spaceship is attached to the top and last step of the Space Shuttle. In this, the rocket leaves the spaceship in space and returns to the earth. After that it travels in space by itself. This spaceship has its controlling equipment in the control room or in the lab on the ground below to control this engine. This controls the direction of entry into the spaceship. Astronauts also use this spaceship to travel in international spacestion. Due to the use of spaceships, astronauts have been able to get a lot of information from space. Also international spacestion can be controlled.
Spaceship and Space Shuttle can be used to launch new technical satellite and space-gathering equipment into space. This allows scientists to keep abreast of developments in space. In the same way, it is possible to get information about the happenings in space and to convey this information to the people very fast. Also, with the help of this spaceship and Space Shuttle, information and prediction of many planets in space has been made. In the same way, the device created using various latest technology can be left in space for detailed study and research of things in space.

Light speed spaceship.

Light speed is the speed at which you can see the light in a place at high speed. In the future, after the great addition of technology, spaceships that travel at the speed of light speed will be created. This allows passengers to travel from space to Earth in seconds using this spaceship. Even in space we know very little about using the latest technology. So you have to create Space Shuttle and Spaceship run at light speed to know more about space.


Space has no end. There are millions of galaxies in this space. Also another world like ours could be in a different galaxy. To explore this world, we need to create light-speed running Space Shuttle and Spaceship. In it we can get information about galaxies and planets far away from our earth. Using Space Shuttle, which runs at light speed, you can send a satellite or telescope into the orbit of distant planets.
With the help of Light Speed ​​Space Shuttle, you can find astronauts on planets far away and use them to search for places. Similarly, it will not take long for you or the people to build human habitation on Mars using Space Shuttle and Spaceship. But it is impossible to build light speed Space Shuttle and spaceship. Because for this one day all the energy on earth is needed. Also, this technology is going to be very developed and using this technology is not available on earth at present.



How the space shuttle and spaceship are brought back to earth.

We have already learned that Space Shuttle returns to Earth after leaving its Satellite  or spaceship in space, but how does a spaceship that has gone on another planet, in space or on Spacestion’s journey, return to Earth? This question has plagued many people. This is what we are going to discuss. Spaceships help astronauts to travel in space. Coming to Earth from another planet or from international spacestion, the spaceship slowly rotates around the Earth in all four directions.
Fule in spaceship is available in international spacestion. Because of this spacestion from the earth, astronauts are fed food, living things and fule. The spaceship travels in space using this fule. This ship is likely to catch fire due to air pressure in the Earth’s atmosphere while approaching the Earth. So this spaceship has a metal coating on the outside. But if the coating comes off or breaks, the spaceship is likely to catch fire. This is likely to harm the life of the astronauts in it. On Earth, this spaceship lands on the runway like an airplane. The speed of this spaceship is high, so while landing, the parachute opens behind it, so its landing is successful.



In this article we have learned about the two space relate tools used for communication in Space Shuttle and spaceship. In it we learned how Space Shuttle and spaceship are built and how much it costs, as well as how and why it is used, as well as advances in technology, as well as changes in the future. This Space Shuttle and spaceship will lead to better technical changes in the future. Because in the present age advanced technology is being used.
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