Companies do not take customer feedback seriously and still manage to sell their products.

 Companies do not take consumer feedback seriously, consumers are deceived by companies and still manage to sell their products.


While some companies are old and well-known, some companies are new, people are not immediately aware of new companies. Some companies have service centers to provide services to the people about their products, while some companies do not have service centers available. Companies sell their products in the market using various marketing technologies. People buy their products.

In this article, we will learn about the frauds committed by people against companies. We will also find out what products people should buy from the market. You will also find information about people’s services to companies. We will also learn about the problems that people face due to the arbitrariness of companies, as well as how these companies succeed in selling their products by deceiving so many people.

Fraud of people by companies.

Today, new technologies are emerging every day, and this technology is evolving. As new technologies emerge, so does its development. As a result, new equipment is coming into the market every day. As devices come into the market, digital marketing, online marketing, e-commerce website, as well as offline marketing, these devices are sold in large numbers in the market.

Some companies are new to the market. Taking advantage of people’s difficulty, they sell in the market equipment that is not repaired and does not have quality material. The equipment works well for some time and then after use it gets mantaince for some reason, but if the internal part or some major defect is not repaired or its part is not found in the market then the expensive equipment has to be thrown away and people You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.This way people go west without any reason. It is also a waste of time to find out if the cess can be repaired and used. This is how people are deceived by the company. Because of this people have to face a lot of problems.

Companies whose equipment is available in the market. Hopefully some companies have service centers that provide mantaince or other services related to those devices. In this service center, the problems faced by the people regarding the equipment are eliminated. But some companies do not provide good service to their customers.So people’s problems do not go away. They are given wrong instruction or information about the device so they do not get good service. Also the equipment provided for mantaince is not directly connected or some of the good parts are taken out and replaced with other parts. So good equipment is a must have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program.

Also, the shopkeepers who repair the accessories boil the money of the original part from the people and give them a duplicate part. It hurts people. And come to maintance like equipment. Also, people are taken out of the money by saying that the part which was not removed is excluded. And they have to put money and time back in to make that device better.Similarly, the work done by that device remains incomplete. Also, companies keep people waiting for their equipment to be repaired for a long time and the problem comes back to the people a few days after they are repaired. All these reasons show that companies do not take customer feedback seriously.

How companies succeed in selling their products.

Companies mislead people about their equipment and sell it in the market. As a result, people have to deal with the disadvantages of those devices. Companies display good advertisements of their low quality equipment to the world. So people forget about it and buy it with cess, so companies deceive people and increase sales.

Companies sell more products offline through their equipment, luring shoppers with higher commissions. A lot of products are sold on e-commerce websites by posting good quality photos and different information. Also, offline shoppers are lured by excessive commissions, misleading customers and getting those items around their necks.

It is because of their marketing skills that companies increase their productivity. Using this skill, they are sold in the market by showing that the products of extremely low quality are of excellent quality. These are the reasons why companies are successfully selling their products.


This article explains how consumers are deceived by the service centers of the companies and how they sell their products in the market by giving false information to the people. With this in mind, people should pay attention to the above when buying new equipment or repairing it if it breaks down.

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