Can you ever travel at light speed?

Can we travel to galaxy in future using light speed technology?


We use various means of communication to move from one place to another in our daily life. Most of these devices take you less time to get there, while some tools take longer to get you there. These means of transportation have made people’s commuting life more comfortable, because of the advances we have made in the field of automobiles, in the present age it takes less time to move from one place to another. People have benefited from this technology, and some devices have luxuries.

We use the means of transportation depending on how long it takes us to get there. In it, people have created tools that are like a way to get to different places. People use tools like Twowheeler, Fourwheeler for traveling to local places. They also use means such as Travales, Railaway to travel long distances and use helicopters or airlines to travel long distances or where ground-based vehicles cannot reach. In this way people have created various means of communication.
In the current era, some space agencies are trying to go to extraterrestrial planets. They are building a spaceship to travel for this. From which people can be sent from Earth to another planet in a short period of time. Space agencies are trying to establish human habitation on Mars as well as other planets. It takes a lot of time for people to travel to outer planets using the current technology. We can only use this spaceship to try to get to the nearest planet.


Our galaxy is a very large galaxy, with many planets. Some planets are so far away from our earth that it is impossible for us to get there. For this we have to use the latest advanced technology in the field of communication. In this, people know light speed, some space agencies have said that using light speed technology, aliens and spaceships have been created in the outer world. Light speed is the time and speed of light to travel from one place to another. Light has the highest speed on Earth. Some planets are too far from our Earth. It takes a few seconds for light from these planets to reach our earth.

The space agency created shapeships using light speed technology, allowing people to fly 1.28 seconds to the moon, 1.30 minutes on Venus, 4 minutes on Mars, 5 minutes on Marcury, 8.31 minutes on the Sun, 35 minutes on Jupiter, 75 minutes on Satail, It takes 3 hours on uraneus, 4 hours on neptun and 5 hours on pluton. The speed of light is 29,97,92,458 M / Sec. There is still no technology available on earth to travel at this speed. Will we be able to travel using this technology in the future? Let us know in the comments what you think about it. It takes us 1,05,700 light years to get out of our galaxy using this technology. This makes it impossible for you to get out of your galaxy.
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