All the mobile phone in the world disappear what happens

 What if all the mobile phones in the world disappeared?

In this world of electronic gadgets, mobile is the most used gadget. Mobile is a device that every person, children, old people have. Mobile and people’s friendship is like a relationship. Mobile is useful to people in all tasks. Mobile is used from waking up in the morning till going to sleep at night.

The effects of mobile disappearances on people’s work.

The use of mobile has made it seem that people need it now. Because most of the tasks of people are completed faster from mobile. If the mobile device disappears from the world, then the daily life of the people will change drastically. Their work will slow down, they will have to face a lot of problems at work.

People get knowledge about their work from mobile. This allows people to learn more about work in less time, thus speeding up their work. If mobile disappears from people’s lives, it will be impossible for people to find the knowledge in its flied work, so the speed of people’s work will also slow down.

Today is the digital age. Mobile devices are more comfortable to use and carry than computers, laptops or other gadgets during this period. The size of the mobile is such that it can fit in your hand and its weight is light.

Digital marketing companies have emerged in the digital age. These companies advertise products of different companies or their services on social media. They do this on their mobile phones at home or on other devices, but with this add-on, more and more people are using their mobiles, so more and more mobile apps or websites are appearing.Digital companies charge for this work but if people do not have mobiles then they will not benefit from the company. Because people will not be able to see the add and they will not be collaborating with other companies for digital marketing. This is the reason why people in the IT sector have to face unemployment.

In companies like Couriar, Food Delivery, Product Delivery, the delivery workers have the application of that company on their mobile and they are given all the work related instructions and suggestions. They use it to get things done. And customers often use mobile to order. If it weren’t for mobile, these companies wouldn’t exist and even if the companies did exist, they would get very little response.

If mobile disappears from people’s lives, then online delivery companies. Digital marketing companies as well as some other companies that rely on mobile devices will be hit hard and people will face huge unemployment.

The effects of not having mobile on people’s minds and thoughts.

Mobile devices are widely used in communication technology. As far as you know, you can easily talk to a person at a distance, listen to their mobile phone and listen to their thoughts. Will go and there will be more distance in their communication.

You can communicate well with other people on the display of your mobile using good video technology using communication technology using mobile but when mobile is gone you will move away from this technology and you will not be able to see the status of people.

Implications for students not having mobile.

Without mobile, there will be bad results in the academic field of students. In today’s technological age, students are increasingly learning through mobile or other devices. In the digital market, various courses, online educational video as well as information on educational subjects are readily available. Information in the field of education is available for free on the online website.

If mobile is not available then BY JU’S, WhiteHat Jr. Many applications and websites like com, etc will not be available on social media and internet. Therefore, students will not get proper education.

College students will not know their admission processes as they do not have mobile or have to go to Netscape Center to fill up their online form so they will spend a lot of time in the same job.

 Consequences of not being mobile in the global economy.

Without mobile, the global economy will suffer. Because the companies that make mobile devices will be shut down. Bank transactions as well as money transfer facility will be closed through people’s mobiles. And it will have a huge impact on the global economy. The disappearance of mobile devices will cool the electronics market. It will also affect the economy.

Transactions of small and big businesses are done from mobile because the process is faster from mobile. Also share market is now operated by all the companies. Without mobility, people’s transactions and the stock market would have slowed down and the world economy would have been hit hard.

The effects of not having mobile on people’s entertainment.

People used to have better entertainment through mobile so their boredom due to other things and troubles due to work were reduced. If mobile disappears from people’s lives, people’s lives will be boring. They will not be able to watch new movies and webseries. People will turn away from entertainment.

People will have problems playing vedio games. People will not be able to see the advertisements of the happenings in the world through mobile. People’s lives will be boring.

If all the mobile phones disappear suddenly

Life without a phone

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