10 crazy gadgets in world.

 10 crazy gadgets in world.

In this article we will look at crazy gadgets. In this article we will learn about the latest gadgets. This gadget can only be used for your entertainment. But with these gadgets, some of your tasks can be completed.

Running help device.

pacer staying motivated to go running regularly and getting the most out of especially when you have to train alone ghost pacer is a device that can by providing you with a virtual running when the user puts on the glasses they see a person running next to them its parameters can be modified through a which opens up many possibilit­ies ghost pacer can be a reference point to help you maintain a constant running speed it can also project your previous run allowing you to compete with yourself and see your progress clearly ghost pacer can also project someone else’s so you can race even if your schedule doesn’t match that of your friend best of all the hologram can simply run studies have shown that people on if they’re trying to catch up with someone the glasses weigh only 3.17 so they don’t get in the way during is six hours and the pricing starts at

Gopro Aer camera.

gopro aer photograph­y and video thinking of ways to get more interestin­g and that’s what’s led to the creation of a unique accessory for action cameras soft dart made of foam its first task is to create resistance with the air and thus slow down the fall the camera attached to the end of the dart can it’d hardly be possible to achieve something similar without aer because you could break the camera in this is where the second purpose of the the device absorbs the energy of the protects the camera note that the dart is designed so as to not obstruct the it’s compatible with the vast majority from the model 3 plus through to the prices vary by model starting at 70.

Digital board.

tangible engine 2 giving digital a physical form opens up a huge range of and tangible engine lets you manipulate by picking up objects and moving them it’s the world’s first software capable of recognizin­g objects on a touch surface the second version you see on so it’s more efficient and faster tables tangible engine 2 can be used in many the technology will make studying easier increase productivi­ty at work and even service entertainm­ent while.

Toy Rc Car.

ultimate justice league batmobile thanks to its numerous features and many this rc toy will keep its owner busy for hours the first thing that catches the eye is the roar of the engine which matches the speed of the vehicle the second unique feature is the smoke that the batmobile leaves behind as it moves the ground clearance can be inches increasing the all-terrai­n the combat system is equipped with a turning mechanism that allows for greater immersion while you play but that’s not all the included batman action figure turns the steering wheel while sitting in the cab there’s also a installed in the vehicle it transmits which acts as a remote control so the batmobile allows you to enjoy the ride from the driver’s perspectiv­e.

Smart glasses.

smart glasses is to create an augmented and enhanced reality in front of the first they project a screen with standard smartphone apps for the user notificati­ons check the weather and see all of that can be done with the glasses without taking your phone out of your the fun starts in the kitchen where the indicate its energy values and help you so that you’re not distracted from the on the street inmo air acts as a it not only displays a map but also right on the road and of course the calls listen to music and watch videos you can control them via touch gestures voice and even head movements pricing.

Ice tire.

retire ice racer the days when you had tyres to increase the off-road capability of your bike are slowly today you can get by with these compact when transporte­d they fit in a small bag and can be carried in a backpack ice racer fits over a standard bicycle and attaches with a zipper just like you can change the tread of the bicycle tyre dramatical­ly increasing traction ice racer is specially designed for snow and features 300 double-sid­ed lugs their specially designed heads flex under load so snow is removed from the price is about 90 dollars.

Moon light.

now you don’t even have to go near the window to enjoy a magnificen­t view of jinko has developed a table lamp that not only looks like the moon but it can levitate the lamp hovers in the air thanks to the interactio­n of magnetic there is a special magnet built into the or ash wood base the moon is printed so it has a textured surface the realistic look is complement­ed with a glow this product costs 210 dollars.

B-line device.

tiny device that can neverthele­ss make your bike commute a hassle-fre­e b-line velo 2 is a navigation device that’s installed on the handlebars and works with the help of your smartphone before you start your journey you have to choose your destinatio­n then the device will tell you where you need to turn in addition the display shows informatio­n such as the distance traveled and the distance to the as well as the time from the start of the advantage is that it’s always in view the device is not affected by water dust cold or light drops the battery lasts between 10 and 20 hours.

Story lavitating device.

story levitating devices have an unusual attract attention and are therefore becoming increasing­ly popular and story is a levitating clock the secret field but in this case there’s a metal which acts as the hands of the watch elegant design the clock is made of it has a backlight function and the

Power vision device.

current time can be seen in the center the price is approximat­ely eight hundred power vision s1 today’s last gadget is a versatile smartphone accessory with a host of useful functions and features it replaces the tripod and has a built-in stabilizat­ion system the device has been adapted for high shots is also ideal for creating thanks to its facial recognitio­n system the device automatica­lly turns the phone the case comes with a stand for power vision s1 acts as a portable battery and also has a magnetic mount so that you can place the phone.
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